ritual and celebration burning

Because Ash has reverence as the Tree Of Life, Yggdrasil, the world tree, it is very special for connecting us to sanctuary and inner worlds that we call our divine home.

Ash shavings are placed to burn in a fire to set of intense fragrance that is said to open the door for astral travel and connection to "familiars" such as birds and horses.

wands and staves

An Ash wand is used by some folks to invoke the presence of Nature Gods such as Cernunnos, Herne and Odin

Made into a staff, an Ash becomes a portable axis mundi, as a symbol or tool for the connection to all three realms, heavenly, underworld, and on earth. It is said to attract, concentrate and share inspiration from the heavenly realm with energy provided upwards from the underworld. Some may say an Ash stave has more ability to do this than a harp.

For the carrier of an Ash staff it is said to heal disconnection and enhance belonging due to the experience of being of the present through being connected to heaven and earth, the present being the manifestation of "as above, so below".

There is interesting similarity between an Ash stave and an Alder totem.


A tradition is to leave ash twigs under our pillow is said to ensure prophetic dreams plus ash twigs and leaves in a bowl of water beside the bed is said to protect from illness through the night.

Having Ash twigs and leaves around us at any time is said to encourage an inner calm and a secure sense of feeling at home and fulfilled.

Wearing ash twigs through winter is said to prevent melancholy.

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