turning and furnishings

Traditionally, Ash was and is the choice for making eating bowls as the wood does not give off taste and odour into food. Turners love ash for its ease of use and it tends to be used to make practical items like chair legs, lamp stands and bannister railings.

construction carpentry

Ash wood is straight-grained, open pored, and very hard wearing. A fabulous wood for all construction, such as doors and beams. However, Ash does not respond well to continual dampness.

Ash is not a durable wood when it is in contact with the ground as it somehow easily attract fungus, virus and insect attacks.

other crafts

In Ireland Ash is best known for its use in making Hurley sticks for GAA hurling, a huge industry for Ash here. Also hockey sticks and baseball sticks are made with Ash too.

Ash is a reliable sturdy wood for tool handles too.

Ash is also a fairly easy wood to bend so it is very popular with boat builders.
Ash is an excellent tough wood for making boat rowing oars too.

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