my poem's mythology

accepting      sounding the fifth note of our Spring

learning tolerance and forgiveness

I have used a mythology story that tells of the Ash commanding the spirit of balance through awareness.

Bards, though time, have shared stories of how Nuin the Ash's branches point to points where people should gather. They speak of circles of ash trees being perfect for forming sacred circles.

Stories have also been told about how conflicts have been dissolved  within sacred circles where tolerance is the behaviour and forgiveness is the way. These stories can guide us to know how and where to find our truth and surrender to call that place our 'home'.

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my Nuin the Ash story poem explained ...

I commence this story poem with a reference to our desire for 'sacred circles'.

Sacred circles could be symbolic of several places but with this story the journey is to discover that place where we truly feel we belong, connected and loved.

Before this discovery, I move this story through how we are tormented by fear of the unknown, mistrust of people and situations, and even a blurred sense of our own worthiness for love and connection.

I also aim to express our anguish when we try to find that special place that is "exactly" what we feel we need. This anguish includes keeping a distance away from people, places and situations and avoid all contact. I express as a prolonged dark flow of suffering imagery, so this story poem reveals itself as one of my darker stories.

This story poem is intended to be about our transition between our individuality, that has matured from self discovery, and our attempts at connecting who we are with what we are willing to share with others.

The surprise may be the inner releasing relief and calm that is made possible through tolerance and forgiveness when we do connect with others.

We discover that our intolerance only casts us away back out to sea again to remain as weather tormented barren islands, rather than feel at home.

Home is where we can balance being ourselves with being with others and accept the changing elements ... all without longings.

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